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NewzToolz is a comprehensive and free “toolbox” to help you make the most of your Usenet newsgroups. It includes tools to solve the most common problems you may encounter when downloading and posting files to a group, including a file extractor, a file decoder, an NZB downloader, a file joiner, and many more. With NewzToolz, you can even set up your own server and create as many news groups as you wish!

This collection of newsgroups tools is structured in two menus – one for all those related directly to the files you download and you want to upload to the group and a second one with… everything else. The so-called Main menu offers, together with a RAR extractor, a “file fixer”, which uses the PAR files provided by some users to correct mistakes which occur after downloading or uploading a certain file, thus saving you (or the recipient of the file) the time and bandwidth needed to get the whole file again. It also includes a yEnc decoder, allowing you to put yEnc files into their original format (typically a multimedia format). Finally, the fourth tool will help you to glue a number of files together, thus making it simpler for you and your friends to share several files in just one go.

The “Newsgroups” menu includes some other “file options”, such as a neat interface to help you post either a large file or a big number of smaller files, as well as a download utility specially designed for those groups which require an NZB file to grant access to their files. Also in this section, you can find a useful and simple-to-use image viewer - Pix Player. With this tool you can open any number of image files (as long as they are all in the same folder), and enjoy viewing them using its customizable presentation capabilities.

All in all, this is a comprehensive collection of utilities for newsgroup users which covers most of the issues related to file exchanging. All tools are well documented (by means of online help), and offer clear and well-structured interfaces (when needed). This application has clearly put more emphasis on the efficiency of the tools than on the overall appearance of the box itself, but isn’t that true for all good tool boxes?

Francisco Martínez
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  • Practical and well-structured interfaces
  • A good set of tools
  • Includes tools to set up your own server and to create you own groups


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